Increase or Normalize volume of mp3 file

Increasing or Normalizing less volume mp3 or ringtone file requires technique. We had a chance to test with Softwares and online tools which simplify, increase the intensity of mp3.


Desktop tools


Increasing or Normalizing Volume of the mp3 file using Audacity (Free)


First  Download and Install Audacity1.2.6 Software from SourceForge and open the file (File–> Open file). Select the particular length of mp3, which you like to edit it.


Copy the selected part (Edit—>Copy) to a new File (File–New) and paste the track (Edit–>Paste) to increase the intensity (Effect–>Equalization).


Move 0 dB (decibel – used to measure sound level) Violet line towards upward direction and click preview and done. You can see the difference in the volume. To save this file (File—>Save Project).

Furthermore, Audacity software can help with advanced options like tempo. Even you can create a remix with Audacity, which is amazing 🙂

 Video tutorial for Audacity tool.

Increasing or Normalizing Volume of an mp3 file using Mp3Gain (Free)

Mp3gain a desktop tool for Windows from SourceForge to improve or normalize the volume of mp3 files in bulk. This tool is better than Audacity, and it is easy to handle.

Video tutorial for Mp3Gain tool.

Online tools

If you want to increase intensity for a couple of audio files Alternatively, you can use online tools to enhance the volume of mp3 without software.

Mp3Louder an online tool to increase and decrease volume in dB (decibels), the same as what we have done in Audacity software.

Mp3louder allows uploading a maximum of 250 MB of a file which is better when comparing other online tools. Decibels are starting with 3 and having 0.5 differences of each decibel extending up to 50 decibels. Channels can be either left/right or both the channels.

Increase the volume louder and Normalize Mp3 in grab tube which allows uploading a maximum of 40 MB file.

Therefore, you don’t require desktop tools for improving or normalizing mp3 files.