How to utilize USB storage device as RAM in Windows 7

I planned to install Exchange server 2010 in my laptop, but the system requirements were very high configurations. So I planned to utilize my USB device as RAM, this feature is available in Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 operating systems.

Using a USB device as RAM is commonly known as ReadyBoost feature which helps to boost up your system performance. Let me explain how to use the USB device as RAM in this post.

Steps to utilize USB storage device as RAM

1. Plugin your USB storage device.

2. Go to My computer and find your USB storage device.

3. Right click on the USB storage device and select properties

4. After selecting properties, you will be prompted with different tabs, select ReadyBoost tab

5. In ReadyBoost select Use this device option and set the space to be utilized, using the slider and click apply.

Video tutor about how to increase virtual memory in hard disk and USB device.