How to Uninstall Microsoft ISATAP tunnel adapters

ISATAP: Intra-Site Automatic Tunnel Addressing Protocol is an IPv6 transition mechanism meant to transport IPv6 packets between two systems on top of an IPv4 network. (From Wikipedia). This technology applies to the latest Windows Operating Systems. Since the latest operating systems support IPv6 protocols.

ISATAP mechanism helps to transmit IPv6 packets between dual-stack nodes on top of IPv4. If your ISP is supporting IPv6 and if they use the dual-stack method. Windows operating identifies and installs an ISATAP tunnel adapter for transmitting the IPv6 packets over the IPv4 network. ISATAP adapters bit annoying because Windows automatically installs ISATAP adapters and never uninstalls automatically. Whenever you connect to internet Windows will search for these ISATAP adapters. If those adapters are not present, Windows will automatically install those adapters every time.


You can check how many ISATAP adapters are installed automatically on your system by typing ipconfig/all command in the Windows command prompt.


Steps to uninstall Microsoft ISATAP adapters

Go to device management ( Click on Start —> Run (type devmgmt.msc) ) and Click on View –> Show hidden devices

Expand the Network Adapters and find out the list of Microsoft ISATAP adapters right click and uninstall the ISATAP drivers.


Finally, the Microsoft ISATAP adapters are uninstalled. There are concerns that yellow exclamation mark is present in Device manager, it is a known bug from Microsoft, and there is no fix to recover from the yellow exclamation mark.