How to install IBM BigInsights in CentOS X86_64

Hadoop the latest open source software framework for handling large volumes of structured data and unstructured data. Hadoop has emerged from Google’s MapReduce and Google File System (GFS) papers. Which is written in Java programming language, where big daddies like Yahoo, Facebook are already running thousands of  Hadoop clusters across the world.

IBM has developed InfoSphere BigInsights software to manage Hadoop and its nodes. BigInsights comes in two different versions Basic free edition and enterprise edition. Basic free edition which consists of additional components like Jaql, Derby, ZooKeeper, Flume, Oozie, and HBase. Whereas the enterprise edition also provides all the components with extra administration tasks like taking out reports in excel.

Installation of  BigInsights has supported only in Red Hat or Suse Linux operating system. But still, we can install in CentOS, while installing there few hurdles where this post explains easily to install. Download the latest version of Biginsights from IBM InfoSphere BigInsights.

Video tutor

Steps to install BigInsights

1. Create user biadmin

2. Add biadmin in visudo

3. Login as biadmin

4.Create directory and change permissions

sudo mkdir /hadoop

sudo chown -R biadmin:biadmin /hadoop

sudo mkdir /opt/biadmin

sudo chown -R biadmin:biadmin /opt/biadmin

sudo mkdir -p /var/ibm/biginsights

sudo chown -R biadmin:biadmin /var/ibm/

sudo mkdir /opt/ibm

sudo chown -R biadmin:biadmin /opt/ibm/

5. Create passwordless login


ssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/ localhost

ssh localhost (to check)

7. Extract Biginsights files tar -xvvf Desktop/sharing/biginsights.tar.gz

8. Start the Biginsights installer ./


Note: Installation will take around 20 minutes and after installing you can check the BigInsights console to manage the nodes and its health.