How to Hide Folder Using Command Prompt

Today let’s see how to hide folder, using command prompt in windows XP, There are many software’s to hide folder but I hope this method is easy and no need of any software’s, you can use it in any windows XP system.


    1. Go to any drive and create a folder for E.g (D:testhide) I have created hide folder under test folder inside D: drivefolder
    2. Open Command prompt by start–>Accessories—->Command Prompt and use cd.. and cd command to navigate folders and drive.folder-hide-create
    3. Now I’m going to hide the “hide” folder using “attrib +s +h +r  hide” command.
    4. syntax : “attrib +s +h +r  folder name

Type the above command in command prompt

Now your folder is hidden

To unhide your folder use attrib -s -h -r  hide command

syntax : attrib -s -h -r  folder name