BSNL EVDO on HTC Android Smartphone

BSNL EVDO provides the internet without FUP. I agree there is pros and cons when using EVDO service.  The coverage isn’t that good, compared with other services. Moreover, EVDO services are deprecated, and we are head of 4G services.

I bought HTC Desire VC three years before, and it was not my first choice of smartphone. But all came into existence of having a dual technology, CDMA + GSM SIM card with Android 4.0

Enabling BSNL EVDO service in HTC Desire VC was a quiet challenge. BSNL Bangalore provides EVDO RUIM Sim card, where RUIM card easily plugs into CDMA OMH compatible phones.



After switching on HTC Desire VC Android phone the CDMA 1x and EVDO signals detected by the phone.

By default, if data enabled in your EVDO RUIM card, the device will try to connect.

Access point configuration for BSNL EVDO on HTC Desire VC

Access point name: BSNL (it can be your name)

Access point: BSNL (it can be any name)

Username: (91xxxxx@AAABG.IN) or (91xxxxx@AAA3G.IN)

Password: 91xxxxxx

Authentication type: none

Rest of the settings will be the default.

Save the settings and turn on Mobile network most probably it should try connecting and it might fail to connect EVDO (3G signal). But it will connect to 1x signal if your EVDO data service is still active.

In this case, check with BSNL office for authentication of MEID in EVDO. If you are in Bangalore, visit Whitefield BSNL office to test the MEID authentication of your CDMA device with the BSNL RUIM card.

Even after updating your MEID in BSNL servers, still unable to connect 3G EVDO. Request BSNL officer to disable the MEID authentication in their system and try again.

Hopefully, it should connect, and it got connected for me. I’m enjoying unlimited internet access over mobile around 2.5 Mbps of download speed and max 256 kbps of upload speed. It seems BSNL has capped the upload speed for EVDO services.


I stopped using EVDO services after enjoying unlimited internet around 1 TB of download. Since the signal coverage and service weren’t up to the mark. Hence switched to MTS Mblaze and Jio 4G.