About Me

Karthikeyan.tech Formerly (www.tothetech.com) known as The Technology Guide, founded by  Karthikeyan Muthusamy an engineer by profession.

I had early dreams of creating my identity on the internet when I got introduced to the internet in the mid of 1997-2000. I learned about computers and internet.  After my 10th Grade, I started exploring the internet, continued until 12th grade and created my first Geocities web page (geocities.com/karthik775) and Blogspot URLs, while studying 2nd-year in the college registered my first domain karthikeyan.net.in approximately 350 ~ 400 INR and hosted it on free web hosting companies using e107 CMS. Applied for my Adsense, Got it approved in the year 2006, those days were pretty easy. One year later started blogging in blogger in the domain www.tothetech.com later on, moved to self-hosted WordPress website. From January 2008 to December 2016 site was called tothetech.com. In the year 2019 starting tothetech.com entity is merged with Karthikeyan.tech

Articles posted in Karthikeyan.tech requires at least of Grade 12 knowledge.

Connect me via Twitter: @karthik_ai